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We are offering tests for antibodies in people experiencing psychotic symptoms through the Prevalence of Pathogenic Autoantibodies in Psychosis study (PPiP2)  



Eligibility criteria


Those who may be eligible to take part in our study will be:





Getting in touch


If this is you or someone you know who is receiving treatment from an NHS Mental Health Trust, details of who to contact in your local area are listed below*.  This will enable you to contact the relevant PPiP2 Study Team.



Trust not listed?


If the treating trust is not listed but you or someone you know meets of eligibility criteria then your/their clinician (GP/psychiatrist) can request the antibodies blood test if they feel it is clinically indicated.


The particular antibodies we recommend they test for are NMDAR -live assay, LGI1.  The details for how clinicians can request the test and the request card to use are here:



Enquiries from the US


If you are a US resident needing information about antibody blood testing, you can visit the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance website by clicking here.



Currently well?


We would not advise testing for antibodies in someone who was well and not experiencing any symptoms of psychosis.  This is because we would not expect the antibodies to be positive. Even if they were present we wouldn’t offer the immune treatment, as it would be difficult measure whether or not the treatment was helping the person.




Want to know more about antibody mediated psychosis?


*List of NHS Trusts participating in the PPiP2 study:

Important: please use ‘PPiP2 study query’ as subject for your email



For all press enquiries, please contact


Communications and Engagement Team

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

If you do not have access to emails, please call us at one of the numbers below, depending on your area of residence:


London and Greater London: 0791 759 2658

East of England and Midlands: 0755 754 2651

South West: 0777 197 2225

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